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Did you know green is the colour of life, renewal, nature and energy? Did you know it’s understood to be the most restful and relaxing colour for the human eye to view? No wonder that it’s a favourite choice in interior design. Aside from its psychology and its connection to the outdoors, it’s a great colour to pair with other tones like greys and beiges. Well, as it so happens, we have quite some interior items, deco and outdoor furniture in……

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One pole, Endless possibilities

One pole with endless possibilities. Just like drawing a line on white paper, you can now draw a simple line in your interior. Customize your own pole and attach the accessories you like. A lamp, a shoe rack, clothing hangers or little sidetables...take your pick! The tension rod can be placed without making damage on the walls and is very easy to relocate. So go ahead and play around with your new design.…

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7 KonMari Proof Items to Organize Your Home

Does the name Marie Kondo sound familiar? Then it won’t be a surprise that this Japanese organizing guru may know how to convince you to declutter your home. Decovry collects her most effective tips and added 7 KonMari proof items to bring theory to practice. Especially for you!     The KonMari philosophy is actually very easy and all about one question: does it spark joy? Trust us, even the ones who like everything but cleaning will start to declutter…

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Wanted: This Floating Light Bulb

Is it real or is it magic? A question we all ask ourselves when seeing the PÆR Floating Light for the first time. Get to know one of Decovry’s bestselling items. Right here, right now!   This sale has ended, sad but true! Don’t worry, other items are waiting to be yours. Find your new favourite thing here.     The PÆR Floating Light is a suspended lamp that floats by magnetic attraction. Designed in the PÆR Studio in Paris,…

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6 Holiday Homes with a Jaw-Dropping View

Ooh winter blues… it makes you feel like booking a flight to a mythical place where design meets nature. Lucky us, Belgian travel journalist Sebastiaan Bedaux united 50 of the most stylish hideouts worldwide in his book ‘Mountain View: The Perfect Holiday Homes’. One look inside this book and you’ll discover an enormous variety in style, price and geography, but all homes have one thing in common: their wow factor. Here is our top 6 selection of hidden architectural gems…

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ÄGGCØDDLER: The Scandinavian Way To Cook Eggs

Do you need quick and easy breakfast ideas? Start the morning with eggs. And no, we’re not talking about the casual eggs and bacon option. The Scandinavian ÄGGCØDDLER (derived from its less-famous English relative – the egg coddler) is a simple idea – it’s a porcelain cup with a lid in which amazing egg delicacies are born. Extra plus: you don’t need to be a talented chef to make an exceptionally good ÄGGCØDDLER.     Don’t worry, making an ÄGGCØDDLER…

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The 7 top interior trends of 2019

We’re already one month into the new year, high time to focus on what’s really important, besides drinking less alcohol and saving more money: which are the main interior trends for 2019? How about some art deco, boho rotan, blush tones, round forms and more functionality and durability? Read all about it in our 2019 trend report. And consider taking our advice: stop saving and start spending. Keep in mind: some of these sale have ended, sad but true! Don’t…

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