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Villa Savoye: Le Corbusier’s modernist creation in Poissy

Completed in 1931, Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye not only transformed the Swiss architect’s career but has long been seen as one of the most important contributions to modern architecture, even being included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Located in a commune just outside of Paris, Villa Savoye is a true icon of modern architecture, drawing on the innovative engineering that emerged in the early 20th century and encompassing a new take on spatial planning and minimalism. The Five Points Le…

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Nestled comfortably next to a family farm, this rural home by architecture firm MW Works was designed to offer a warm, comfortable retreat without the built structure stealing the show. Located on a rural lot on Whidbey Island north of Seattle, a farm-owning family hoped to add a part-time residence to the edge of their existing site. Tucked slightly out the way into the edge of a dense forest, this retreat overlooks chicken sheds, cattle fields, a fishing pond and…

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Paying homage to Denmark’s natural beauty

Located in the south of Jutland, Denmark, Wadden Sea Centre is quietly unassuming, even at first glancing lying in balance between being seen and letting its surroundings take centre stage. Initiated in 2017, the Wadden Sea Centre was given a modern, rather sculptural update by Copenhagen-based architecture firm Dorte Mandrup. The Wadden Sea Centre was designed to be a throughway to UNESCO World Heritage Site Wadden Sea, its mudflats seeing 15 million birds yearly stopping each year along their migratory…

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ICONIC NIEMEYER MODERNISM: Where thoughtful construction meets playful design

Built in 1951 and situated just outside of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, Oscar Niemeyer’s Casa das Canoas is considered to be one of the most significant and quintessential examples of modernist Brazilian architecture. Casa das Canoas embodies Oscar Niemeyer’s Brazilian Modernist roots with exemplary tropical charm, touching upon the topography and abundant nature embracing the family home, all while keeping in mind the archetypal modernist elements of the movement of which he was an iconic contributor. The…

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A house of glass in the woods

In Morumbi, a suburb of São Paulo, you will find a glass house that speaks to the imagination. This ‘Casa de Vidro’ or Glass House was designed by the Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992). With this palace on pillars, Lina Bo Bardi had a glass tree house in mind. She wanted to design a house that offered shelter from the elements whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. Together with her husband Pietro Maria Bardi she lived here until the end…

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Zen spirit: wandering off to dreamy places

We stay at home, but wander off to better places like for example to the lovely interior of CasaCook in Chania. The sleek design with an ethnic and earthly influences make this place a source of inspiration. The CasaCook resort is a beautiful interpretation of ‘laid-back luxury’. Raw concrete, warm yet muted hues and strong textures are the protagonists of this play. A brutalist aesthetic that offers a welcome home to the savvy traveller.   Zen spirit at home The…

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“Party in the city where the heat is on. All night, on the beach till the break of dawn. Welcome to Miami! Bienvenidos a Miami!” Or was it Ibiza? No, your night of partying on the Spanish island didn’t get out of hand, you didn’t have too many drinks, blacked out and accidentally woke up across The Atlantic. Do not worry: you’re still in Ibiza. Decovry presents: the mind-blowing Paradiso Hotel with awesome Miami retro vibes.…

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10 Travel Essentials You Need Right Now

Preparing for a trip? Decovry handpicked a few items that you should bring you when discovering new places and faces. Useful? Check. Unseen and appealing? Check. Wanderlust vibes included? Double check.     When you’re always on the go   or when you like to paddle all your troubles away…   Last but not least, let’s find some beautiful places to get lost or find a book that guides you off the beaten track!       Oh and we…

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Hidden in the historic heart of Gent, at only a stone’s throw from the vibrant Patershol district and the famous Gravensteen Castle, is located the B&B Graaf. Or rather, the ‘creative, unique and authentic design B&B Graaf’: all three rooms, owned by Gwynn Coumans (33) and Kenzo Krijgsman (28), are drenched in Belgian design. More than 30 Belgian designers are represented in beds, wall paint, shelves and even the breakfast tableware. Among them are Atelier Belge, Studio Ellefant, Lustr.Design, Joël…

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