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Conscious revolution: tips for a more sustainable life

There is no planet b

Living in a way that’s better for the planet is better for you, too. And we know it can sound like a huge shift, but honestly, it really is much easier than it seems. A few small changes make a life easier on the wallet, the planet, and your conscious. Sound good? Let’s get to it. Organic materialism Making the switch from mass-produced synthetics isn’t just important, it also feels good. Start with your bedroom for an easy way into…

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Architectuur & design

Art Retreat of the Future in India

Designed and realised by Indian studio Architecture Brio, this is an artist retreat built for the future. Mumbai Artist Retreat incorporates forward-thinking elements that are set to thrive in the elements, while creating an attractive space in which to enjoy the seaside. With climate change and its potential effects on housing and building construction in mind, Architecture Brio decided to create a space in which visitors could enjoy the beautiful seaside environment and maintain views of the city, while incorporating…

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Design Products To See

Outdoor furniture made of recycled plastic

We love design that makes the world a better place and that looks great too. The Danish design label Mater combines these two ideas beautifully. On we now present to you Mater’s Ocean Collection. The objective of Mater is to rethink our current practices and create ethical and sustainable design that minimises adverse social and environmental impacts. “Let’s clean up the planet!”. That was the starting point for Danish design label Mater making its Ocean Collection. “We teamed up…

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