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One pole, Endless possibilities

One pole with endless possibilities. Just like drawing a line on white paper, you can now draw a simple line in your interior. Customize your own pole and attach the accessories you like. A lamp, a shoe rack, clothing hangers or little sidetables...take your pick! The tension rod can be placed without making damage on the walls and is very easy to relocate. So go ahead and play around with your new design.…

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Ecogrill: Making Outdoor Cooking Great Again

Ecogrill is an easy way to cook, BBQ, grill or start a campfire while you’re on an outdoor adventure. Everything about this musthave is sustainable: you don’t even need any lighter fluids. Let’s meet this little fella.   This sale has ended, sad but true! Don’t worry, other items are waiting to be yours. Find your new favourite thing here.     Grillin & chillin You can use Ecogrill to cook, BBQ, grill or to enjoy a nice campfire on your…

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How To: Statement Walls

A blank wall and no single idea how to fill it. The struggle is real. Did you know that a statement wall is a clever way to personalise your home? No worries if you’re not really into (interior) decoration. Decovry has got you and your walls covered with different options so you could transform a wall into a piece of art.     Not Just Another Wonderwall Refresh your interior with a classy wall print. Messy flowers or natural landscapes…

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Mirror mania: 3 Décor Hacks You Should Try

Mirror, mirror on the wall… what’s the most fun(ctional) décor item of them all? One question we at Decovry don’t need to ask ourselves because a mirror is every interior designer’s secret weapon. Be ready to be amazed.   Why a mirror? It creates more space This won’t be a surprise at all but adding a mirror to make any room look bigger is still one of our favourite interior hacks. A petite room like the bathroom or transitional area…

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7 KonMari Proof Items to Organize Your Home

Does the name Marie Kondo sound familiar? Then it won’t be a surprise that this Japanese organizing guru may know how to convince you to declutter your home. Decovry collects her most effective tips and added 7 KonMari proof items to bring theory to practice. Especially for you!     The KonMari philosophy is actually very easy and all about one question: does it spark joy? Trust us, even the ones who like everything but cleaning will start to declutter…

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6 Holiday Homes with a Jaw-Dropping View

Ooh winter blues… it makes you feel like booking a flight to a mythical place where design meets nature. Lucky us, Belgian travel journalist Sebastiaan Bedaux united 50 of the most stylish hideouts worldwide in his book ‘Mountain View: The Perfect Holiday Homes’. One look inside this book and you’ll discover an enormous variety in style, price and geography, but all homes have one thing in common: their wow factor. Here is our top 6 selection of hidden architectural gems…

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Book lovers and interior junkies: pay attention. If you can’t pass a bookstore without going in (guilty), getting high on the smell of books (guilty again) and possibly going home with a new book (or three, guilty as charged), you might want to read further. Discover the most inspiring home libraries and the right pieces to make one yourself. Dream away. If you’re drooling already (we get it): you might want to shop these amazing design pieces to display your…

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