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Conscious revolution: tips for a more sustainable life

There is no planet b

Living in a way that’s better for the planet is better for you, too. And we know it can sound like a huge shift, but honestly, it really is much easier than it seems. A few small changes make a life easier on the wallet, the planet, and your conscious. Sound good? Let’s get to it. Organic materialism Making the switch from mass-produced synthetics isn’t just important, it also feels good. Start with your bedroom for an easy way into…

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Design talk


Design Talk means it’s time to meet the people behind a brand. Today, we’re going to introduce you to Michael Bartenstein and Tobias Lehner — founder and CEO of aer, a line of sustainable home care products. aer was born in 2019 when Michael Bartenstein had an idea to make a change, convinced that people’s bodies and homes deserve better products. “We are a self-financed team operating in the field of home and personal care,” Bartenstein says, “industries characterised by noise,…

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