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WANNAHAVE: These cute lifestyle gadgets

Pastel colours and simple lines characterize Qushini’s cute functional and stylish accessories. Small soft touch Bluetooth speakers with a clear and powerful sound, fun power banks with delicate lines, hand-warming batteries, cool fans and many other objects with an irresistible design. Discover our favourites from their charming collection here.   For music and animal lovers The cutest pocket-sized portable speakers with high stereo quality tunes. No worries, no animals were harmed in the making of this product.   For the…

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The first rays of sun, more light at the end of the day and the launch of urban label Qwoot’s brand new funny spring/summer collection: enough reasons to smile. This time, their collection includes men’s, women’s and kids’ sweaters and women’s t-shirts. Yet again their contemporary and recognisable quotes bring a smile to everyone’s face. The colours range from universal grey and stylish navy blue for sweaters to clean white for the t-shirts. For men and daddies there’s ‘My girlfriend…

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How To

Mirror mania: 3 Décor Hacks You Should Try

Mirror, mirror on the wall… what’s the most fun(ctional) décor item of them all? One question we at Decovry don’t need to ask ourselves because a mirror is every interior designer’s secret weapon. Be ready to be amazed.   Why a mirror? It creates more space This won’t be a surprise at all but adding a mirror to make any room look bigger is still one of our favourite interior hacks. A petite room like the bathroom or transitional area…

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How To Special Theme Trending


Spring brunch, Easter lunch or first communion dinner – your table setting is key. It sets the mood, diverts the attention from any over salted salads and is the perfect conversation starter. How to lay like a pro? With these tips & tricks from the Decovry team you’ll never miss a shot.     Tableware for the win  Strike the perfect balance between elegance and playful. Go for structure bowls or ceramic plates. Combine with hue tones, pastel colours and…

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Remarkable Storage Design from Antwerp

Sharp lines and geometric shapes are the ingredients of success of the Antwerp-based design studio Kabinet Van Look. Since 2010, founder and designer Jan van Look conquers the Belgian design scene with his collection of magnetic blocks in wood and marble as well as his geometric shelves.   “With an educational background of architecture and through renovation projects, I started making customised furniture for (interior) architects. One assignment came to another and after a couple of projects, I decided to…

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7 KonMari Proof Items to Organize Your Home

Does the name Marie Kondo sound familiar? Then it won’t be a surprise that this Japanese organizing guru may know how to convince you to declutter your home. Decovry collects her most effective tips and added 7 KonMari proof items to bring theory to practice. Especially for you!     The KonMari philosophy is actually very easy and all about one question: does it spark joy? Trust us, even the ones who like everything but cleaning will start to declutter…

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New Products To See Trending

Wanted: This Floating Light Bulb

Is it real or is it magic? A question we all ask ourselves when seeing the PÆR Floating Light for the first time. Get to know one of Decovry’s bestselling items. Right here, right now!   This sale has ended, sad but true! Don’t worry, other items are waiting to be yours. Find your new favourite thing here.     The PÆR Floating Light is a suspended lamp that floats by magnetic attraction. Designed in the PÆR Studio in Paris,…

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