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Design Talk Custo: Discover the mailbox of the future

“Design Talk” is all about taking the time to get to know the faces behind a brand. Today, we introduce you to the future of mailboxes: meet Custo and its founder and CEO, Francis Delplanque, from Belgium.

Francis Delplanque

The idea sprouted at Francis in 2019 after some personal frustration

The e-commerce industry is booming, with online purchases increasing by 40% in 2021. This trend is likely to continue in the future. While home delivery is convenient, it is not without its flaws. More than a third of deliveries are missed and over 10% of packages are returned. Moreover, deliveries often end up with neighbors or, in some cases, nowhere at all. Who hasn’t had a bad delivery experience?

With this issue in mind, Custo set out to make a change. They wanted to create a better solution. The result? A full-service, smart mailbox, 100% produced in Belgium. Both the software and hardware were developed from start to finish by the Custo team. “Our mailbox is as sophisticated as its technology and as minimalist and pure as the design,” says Francis Delplanque, founder and CEO of Custo. “The design was created by David Deschryver, former director of design at the renowned Axel Vervoordt agency. In the future, our design will be available in different sizes, and we’re even considering a cooled variant.

Strak design van Custo

The clean design ensures that the letterboxes fit any facade

Custo is leading the way to a world where ordering and receiving packages is a breeze. The innovative design of each Custo promises ease, safety, and sustainability. It puts an end to lost and missing packages. All you need to operate your mailbox is your smartphone. You can use QR codes, barcodes, and tracking links to open or have the Custo opened, as you prefer. You always remain in control of your order, without the need for unnecessary phone calls, long search parties, or unneeded miles.

Custo's app

Scan and go, it’s that simple

Custo is not just a mailbox, but a smart concierge that protects and preserves the contents of your mailbox and stays connected with you. At the heart of Custo’s vision are three words: ‘Connectivity, accessibility, and shareability’. This is what sets Custo apart from its competitors. You can monitor the delivery status of your orders through the app and receive notifications when things change. This way, you can keep the reins effortlessly in your hands, even when you’re not at home.

There’s more to come from Custo in the future: “Our goal is to make life easier by making the world a more connected place. Technology should work for us, not the other way around, so we can make time for what really matters. This mailbox is a step in the right direction, but for us, it doesn’t end here.

Exciting, to say the least. The full range of Custo mailboxes is now available at Discover the possibilities, the sleek design, and enjoy deliveries without worries.

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