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A tidy house begets peace of mind. A kind of calm and quiet that leaves more room for other things; the things that make you happy. This, in short, is the philosophy of tidying and planning coach Lieselot Hemeryck. She believes that tidying up is important for both your physical and your mental space. Read her tips and tricks for a tidy home and tidy mind below.


With Space to grow I want to help you become the best version of yourself. Let me show you how and where we can create space, together: space in your house, space in your agenda and space in your head, so that you can focus on the things that really make you happy.

I have years of experience as a coach of individuals and groups. Besides that, I have been fascinated by themes like planning, tidying up, productivity and personal growth… And if I’m honest, I know quite a lot about it. If we combine my area of expertise and my passion, we arrive at Space to grow.


Lieselot’s Tips:

– A little goes a long way: It would be great if we could just bite the bullet once and have a tidy house for the rest of our lives, but it unfortunately doesn’t work like that: tidying up is a continuous process. That being said, tidying up a little bit at a time will help you smooth our the process and break one big task into smaller, more manageable chunks. So rather than trying to tackle everything at once when it adds up, schedule a little cleaning time every day or every week, and save yourself time and hassle in the long run.

– This may seem counterintuitive, but start with your biggest pet peeve. When people start tidying up, they often want to tackle the big projects first — the garage or attic, say. But these are not always the best place to start, as a tidy garage has little impact on your daily life. However, if you start by tidying up your kitchen sink or bathroom cupboard, for example, you can immediately enjoy the fruits of your labour, which really helps in keeping you motivated.

– Find your organising style: Do you like to see all of the things you use daily? Then you are a visual organiser and should choose open cabinets, transparent bins or baskets with labels. Do you prefer visual tranquility? Go for more concealed, hidden systems. Identifying the tidying solutions that work for you is key.


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