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Spring clean checklist

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Days are getting longer and the sun is out more. This means that the dusty mess that happened to all of us over the Christmas holidays and then just dragged on and on just will no longer do. Spring is about rebirth and refreshment, about purity and focus: it’s time for us to get our act together and clean our homes to harness that spring power. Here are our tips to inspire you, help you stay focused and motivate you get to work.


Have a plan

The first part is often the worst part. But not here! Before you get down to the dirty business of actually cleaning up, you’re going to have to organize. You need an action plan: make a timeframe and set goals, and think about how you approach them. We feel that the room-by-room method works well, but it’s really up to your preference.


© Marissa Grootes

© Marissa Grootes


A place for everything, everything in its place

Now that you’ve got a plan outlined, you need to start with cleaning all your clutter and bring some clarity into the mess. If you find that the clutter builds up quickly, there is an easy solution: you most likely just lack storage. Get a few racks, baskets or sideboards, wall hooks or boxes, so that everything has a place to go, and watch your space stay tidy for longer.


© Jason Leung

© Jason Leung

Clean slate

Once the clutter is out of the way, stored neat and pretty, start cleaning. Get some bins to throw out the trash that has accumulated in nooks and crannies, wash your pillowcases and vacuum your floors. Clean windows make a huge difference, as do laundered curtains. Don’t forget to wear gloves if you’re working with chemicals and know that it’ll be over before you know it.


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Fix & match

If during your cleaning process you come across something that’s broken, chipped, mismatched or just generally past its prime, now is the time to deal with it. Note down any wonky table legs, cat-scratched armchairs or yellowed macramé. If something doesn’t look right, do your best to fix it, but be heartless: if it has to go, it has to go.


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Since you’re looking for a new curtain rod, why not get yourself something that’s nice for your home, too. A new desk, perhaps? Or a beautiful framed picture to really elevate your sparkling clean, neat and tidy living room? You did good, you deserve it! And your space does, too.


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