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Colour trends 2022: hit hues of the year, according to experts

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We at DECOVRY are all for colour — the more the better. Which is why we’ve selected all the leading color experts’ predictions of the trendiest colours of 2022. We will go through the colours themselves and give you some handy tips and tricks on how to use, combine and incorporate them into your living space. Here’s to brighter, more colourful living.

Pantone colour of the year 2022

The foremost authority on colour, Pantone, has chosen their colour for the year 2022: Very Peri. A truly special, electrifying spin on periwinkle with violet undertones, Very Peri is less flowery than it sounds and more vibrant than can be put into words. A strong, daring shade, it is still friendly and easily combined with a host of other colours, as long as those are there to compliment, rather than outshine, Very Peri — which is scarcely possible. Cheerful and fresh, Very Peri is sure to make a statement in any home.

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Flexa colour of the year 2022

Flexa is a Dutch wall paint company that certainly keeps up with colour trends. Their colour of choice for 2022 is Bright Skies, a refreshing, peaceful, pastel blue. Due to its withdrawn, placid tone, Bright Skies can be used on large walls and combines really well with a vast number of other shades. Think other pastels in a similar vein, bright and warm tones or gentle neutrals. The Flexa colour of last year, Brave Ground, is a great choice, too, since the warm and calming ochre looks great as a contrast to Bright Skies’ soft blue.


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Histor colour of the year 2022

Histor, another Dutch paints brand, has chosen a green shade for this year: Olive Sprig. A muted green colour with grey undertones, it stands for the growth and resilience found in nature — something that we can all learn from. This colour works perfectly as a backdrop for botanicals, so if you’ve got a lot of plants, the shade is a great choice. Even if you just want a more natural look for your home, or want to give your space an aura of calm and quiet, you can’t go wrong with Olive Sprig.


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Karwei colour of the year 2022

Karwei, a hardware and home improvement company from the Netherlands, has cast their vote in the race to find the colour of the year 2022, and their choice has fallen on Ginger Gold, a deep, honeyed beige with a golden touch. A decidedly warm colour, it can lift your space and spread a comfortable feeling of cosiness in any room you paint in it. Ginger Gold works well as an all-over shade, but can really shine on an accent wall, and is complemented by earthen hues in the furniture or decoration, while jewel tone accents really make it pop.


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Sherwin-Williams colour of the year 2022

Sherwin-Williams, an American paint manufacturing company, has decided on their colour of the year for 2022, and it’s Evergreen Fog. A subtle, quiet shade of grey with a wash of olive green, it feels subtle enough for almost any space, benefits from a vast array of combination shades, and exudes a calming, polished aura. Use it confidently wherever you feel like it, and go for colours that contrast it for a bold style statement, or for a match with furniture or deco in the same color scheme.


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Farrow & Ball colours of the year 2022

The colour experts at Farrow & Ball, a British wall paint label, haven’t just picked a single colour of the year, but a selection of five shades to represent 2022, all with exuberant names to reflect the hues: you’ve got Babouche, School House White, Breakfast Room Green, Stone Blue, and Incarnadine. Babouche, named after moroccan leather slippers, is a decisive mustard shade. School House White has grayish undertones, while Breakfast Room Green, somewhat like the Histor colour, is a muted olive. Stone Blue is a cheerful, vivid pastel, and Incarnadine a strong, unapologetic crimson.


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