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Movie theatres have had to take a back seat, recently. But you know what they say: if you can’t go to the movies, have the movies come to you! How? It’s simple: just follow our tips and tricks to make your very own blockbuster-ready cinema, right at home. Featuring: comfy seats, an amazing sound system and special appearances by many fun ideas to transform your living space into a multiplex. Just add your own movies, draw the curtains, switch on the popcorn maker or load those nachos, turn off your phone and enjoy the show.

Hollywood Mood

Create that plush, comfy and exciting cinema feel with light and noise cancelling curtains, add some dim lighting on floor level (you can go full out with marquee-esque strips of LEDs or just place a dim table lamp on the floor beside your seat and a soft light floor lamp by the door) and don’t forget the food & beverages cart, meaning your very own snack and cocktail bar. If you really want to complete the vibe, get a whimsical little letter board so you can display the movies playing every night. However amazing your setup, we still don’t recommend charging for tickets.


© Spacejoy

© Spacejoy


Surround Sound

Think a proper cinema sound system is too complicated? Think again! Great sound doesn’t have to be a pain to arrange: just make sure you place your speakers in strategic spots — on bookshelves, for example — and remember to set some up behind you, not just beside the screen. If you’re feeling up for it, you can even get some floor stands, so you have more wiggle room for sound design. Either way, the most important thing is to keep outside noise from getting in.

Silver Screen

As for your movie screen, the days where this was a big investment are thankfully over: you can’t go wrong with a simple but powerful projector. Fix a projector sheet on your best wall, and voilà, you’ve got a matchless viewing experience. Plus, this way, you can transform your movie theater back into a plain old living room with the pull of a tab after the end credits roll.


© BePureHome

© BePureHome


Sweet Seats

Movies require one thing most of all: comfortable seating. This is something theaters usually have down pat, which is why your dad has fallen asleep in the first ten minutes of every movie you ever took him to. Essential: good back support, and a deep, cosy seat. These tips aren’t just good for movies, by the way: your living room sofa should be super comfortable, in general. Adding some soft, gentle blankets or plaids and cuddly cushions certainly can’t hurt. Also, don’t forget a tray to put your snacks and drinks on, so you don’t spill anything on your precious cinema seats.

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