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Goodbye Dry January, hello Tournée Minérale

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After the season of overindulgence comes the season of taking stock. That’s why so many hit pause on our alcohol intake and dive head-first into Dry January on the first day of the year. And that’s certainly a fun way to make a wise decision that’s good for your wallet and, most of all, your body. But at DECOVRY, we do things a little differently: get ready for the Tournée Minérale!


In Belgium, we know that the first of January has to start with some hair-of-the-dog treatment. That’s why we do our booze detox in February. Makes sense, right? Join us in the challenge of no drinking this February and you’ll see, it works. We know it’s hard to resist the temptation of readily available, delicious tipples, winking at us from bar counters or shop shelves. We feel you. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of 100% alcohol-free and completely delicious mocktails — so you’ll never feel left out. Prepare these virgin classics with the help of our cool bar tools, from shaker through a strainer to lemon zester, and serve your creations in beautiful glassware to complete the fun.

The Gin Lover

NONA, a Belgian non-alcoholic spirit as an alternative to the classic gin. Great when mixed with a neutral tonic or ginger beer, you can finish your cocktail with a slice of cucumber, sprig of rosemary or a piece of grapefruit.


© NONA Drinks

NONA June © NONA Drinks


The Ginger Zinger

Belgian Gimber is a non-alcoholic drink with a zesty, spicy, healthy kick.

The Perfect Server

  • 3 cl Gimber
  • Topped with sparkling water, ice cubes
  • Garnished with a sprig of thyme


© Gimber

GIMBER 700 ml © Gimber

This is not only a seductive after-work drink on its own but also makes for a perfect base for several new, original mocktails. Or try:

The Cool as a Cucumber

  • 2 cl Gimber
  • 4 cl basil & cucumber juice
  • 15 cl cold green tea

These double, triple or quadruple well, which means that you can serve either of them in a big carafe along with collins or highball glasses; add some stirrers and garnishes of your choice, set everything up on a beautiful tray or serving plate and you’ve got yourself a virgin party hit.

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