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Celebrate love: TOP 10 most beautiful Valentine’s gifts

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The new year is in full swing, and February is fast approaching. You know what that means: get ready for the faint perfume of roses wafting through the air, pralines glistening in heart-shaped boxes through shop windows and romantic music on mall speakers… love is in the air!


Hate it or love it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it is an occasion you’re expected to celebrate and make special for your beloved Valentine. This means that you’re likely in the market for a perfectly personal, romantic, and original Valentine’s gift for your heart’s one and only Valentine. It’s tempting, yes, to just pick up one of those teddy bears holding roses and a postcard with red glitter. We get it, it’s hard to decide what to give for Valentine’s Day — especially when it comes to someone you care so much about. So yes, you could play it safe and get some low-effort chocolates or the same old boring flowers… but who is going to get excited about that?


© Lovebox

© Lovebox


Do: get in the spirit of love

Why not make Valentine’s Day 2022 really special, instead, and get something he or she will actually love this time? Since even for those of you who go all out usually, the fancy dinner or the weekend getaway is not really in the cards this year, either, we’re all going to have to rethink February 14th and get a little creative. So forget all the clichés, grand gestures and public declarations (and certainly, certainly forget those last-minute things you can buy at gas stations) and look at the collection of inventive, different, daring designer things we here at DECOVRY have collected for you. Do that and trust us, you will make this the Valentine’s day both you and your partner will remember forever. Besides, who says you can’t get them something useful and beautiful the both of you will benefit from? A gorgeous item of decoration in the shade of love, seductive red, or playful pink to complement her home? A sturdy, seriously stylish chair for his office desk? Or perhaps an unexpectedly romantic new mattress for the home you share? Anything goes.


© Sixteen Miles Out

Valentine inspo © Sixteen Miles Out


Don’t: be a grouch

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be trite or vapid and doesn’t have to bring out the grouch in you who thinks it’s a holiday made up by greeting card companies, even if it is. Well, kind of: did you know that, according to legend, the holiday is based on Saint Valentine of Rome, a priest who ministered to Christians who were persecuted in the Roman Empire at the time, even administering marriages for them, though he knew he would likely be executed for these acts of selfless bravery? If that’s not romantic, we don’t know what is. So don’t give in to grovelling — give in to capital L love, and to being loved in return. We hear that’s the best. And with that, here are our top 10 most beautiful Valentine’s gifts to inspire you and help you ace this wonderful occasion.

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