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Pantone colour of 2022 : PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri

© Pantone

The global authority on everything colour, Pantone, has announced its chosen shade for the year 2022. After the 2019 choice Living Coral, 2020’s leading lady, Classic Blue, and the hopeful 2021 combo of Ultimate Gray & Illuminating, a sunny yellow shade, the colour for the new year has been selected — and the winner is: Very Peri.


This modern, vibrant hue is, according to Pantone, “a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone.” Closest in feeling, if not entirely in shade, to expressive and striking indigo, this colour too has something palpably attractive. Its violet tones elevate it from a plain colour to something that feels like it emits light.

Like periwinkle, the namesake flower, Very Peri really shines in modest circumstances. Best used sparingly, as an accent or to bring some vibrancy into the details of a home, forget painting an entire room in this style (unless you’re going for a Moroccan aesthetic or live in a beach-adjacent house in Mexico) and opt for cushions, throws, or deco in the colour. If your heart is set on Very Peri paint, you could go with a single, smaller wall, a narrow section, or paint the window and door frames, for a start.


© Pantone

The colour of 2022: Veri Peri © Pantone


Very Peri pairs fantastically well with withdrawn colours like plain white or beige, but can also hold its own amongst stronger hues like orange, green or yellow. For a more muted effect, find a contrast — best achieved with a wash of gentle pink or grey. Contrary to what its bubbly, vivacious personality may have you think, Very Peri actually is rather versatile and adaptable colour, and a lot less risky or harsh than strong reds or vibrant greens, for instance.

Very Peri is an unusual tone, and benefits from unusual applications. Think outside the box and consider bed sheets, table settings, or even a fun bean bag in the shade. If you’re feeling apprehensive and want to take the Very Peri love affair slow, you can opt for glassware or napkins as an easy introduction and build out your repertoire from there. All we know is that Very Peri is a colour unlike any other we’ve seen before, and after a strong entrance on the interior design scene, it’s certainly here to stay.

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