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Clean intentions: up your storage game

©Anastasia Shuraeva

Do your resolutions for this year involve keeping a tidier home? If so, you know what they say: a place for everything, everything in its place. Don’t know where to start? Well, you know we at DECOVRY love to help. So we’ve put together an edit of storage solutions to suit all styles of interior, budget and space constraints. We’re also going into some handy-dandy tips, tricks and hacks to get you on the right track to finally make 2022 the year you clean up your act.

First and foremost: no more clutter.

The more you can streamline a space, the more it will feel comforting, relaxing and, most of all, neat. See those little piles of odds and ends that don’t really belong anywhere gathering in separate corners of your home? These get out of hand eventually, don’t look good and serve no purpose. Get some storage boxes with separate spaces for things, or install some neat cupboards. Just remember: as with most everything, here, too, less is more.

©Karolina Grabowska

©Karolina Grabowska

Goodbye, mess; hello, tidy

Once you’ve got your storage options set up and ready to go, the brunt of the work can begin: moving all of that mess to create a peaceful, tidy and relaxing environment, which in turn will make you happier, more focussed and calm. Stack books and magazines on those shelves, hide objects in a pretty and sturdy sideboard and fold or roll any textiles — such as throws, blankets or even tablecloths — and stash these in pretty baskets.


©Tatiana Syrikova

©Tatiana Syrikova



Finishing touches: feng shui

Just like your life, your interiors, too, need balance. Things have to be in the right order, the right place, and must fit together harmoniously. Think of this last bit of work as a sort of feng shui. No need to get a licensed expert, though: just take some time to carefully consider whether things work where they are. Keep an open mind and don’t leave anything where it is just because it’s always been there. Big pieces, like the sofa, dining table, or bookcase obviously make the most difference, but you can balance things out with little touches, too: a lamp here, a rug there or a new decorative item. Once you’re done with one space — your living room, say, move on to other areas of the house: the hall, for example. Is an often overlooked area, while this is where first impressions are made. Does it need new hangers, hooks, or a coat rack? A framed photograph or perhaps a mirror to brighten the space? The little bit of effort you put in now will be reflected for many years to come.


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