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Design Talk means it’s time to meet the people behind a brand. Today, we’re going to introduce you to Michael Bartenstein and Tobias Lehner — founder and CEO of aer, a line of sustainable home care products. aer was born in 2019 when Michael Bartenstein had an idea to make a change, convinced that people’s bodies and homes deserve better products.

“We are a self-financed team operating in the field of home and personal care,” Bartenstein says, “industries characterised by noise, compromises and false promises. aer will, at all times, be transparent, sustainable and simple.”

A young label based in Austria, aer is committed to the principle of less is more, and seeks to eliminate single-use plastic waste by introducing new standards to the formulation and design of home and personal care: soaps, detergents, and cleaning products.


aer cleaning products

cleaners: aerlaa, aerkoi and aervue


Get the bottle once and refill for life.


The name of the brand comes from the Greek aer meaning “air” (oxygen), in reference to the fact that they ship a few grams of powder compared to kilos of liquids, which ultimately results in 95% reduced carbon emissions per shipment sent.


aerlaa powders

Refills for aerlaa cleaning product


Their line runs the gamut from scented hand soap to kitchen cleaners and is packaged exclusively in reusable and fully recyclable containers. aer customers order a starting container and can purchase refills separately or as part of a subscription. Refills come in biodegradable pouches of solids or powders, which can then be mixed with warm water inside the same container. Mass market home- and personal care products often contain up to 80% water, which results in highly inefficient, environmentally harmful and costly supply chains. By providing a sustainable alternative in solid form, aer products do away with these problems and help the environment in the process.


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YES…to compostable materials, made in Austria, natural ingredients and a transparent brand.

NO…to single-use packaging, shipping water, animal testing, harmful chemicals and false promises.

And sustainability doesn’t have to be boring: aer products come in an exuberant, minimal, and timeless design, a retro aestheticism with a nod to all earth enthusiasts and design lovers.

DECOVRY proudly stocks a range of aer products.

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