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GLORIOUS GRAND: Jaipur’s coolest luxury home

In line with Rajasthan’s own traditional architecture, Malik Architecture chose to gaze back at local construction methods and dig deep to build a luxury 8000 square foot home that not only looks like a treat but touches on local stonemasons’ knowledge to create something truly spectacular. 

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Lost history 

The main thought behind Malik Architecture’s choice to set out on this journey of constructing with nothing other than stone comes from their perception that the local sandstone has lost its importance in recent years. What once created solid, well-constructed homes has become little more than a cladding solution for new builds as this local material’s potential for robust construction has most recently been forgotten. 

Naturally, building with stone is a tradition as old as human history, however, in this Jaipur residence, the architects decided to somewhat modernize the process. By hollowing out the load-bearing stone walls, the internal spaces within could be used to house integral services and create a thermal break, while simultaneously reducing material usage by 30%. 


© Jasper Architects

© Jasper Architects 

Unique identity 

While the home is constructed with traditional materials, it is in itself anything but ordinary. Arranged around a long, narrow central courtyard, the home breaks off into numerous public and private spaces almost as if in a maze, almost as if the courtyard itself branches off into openings in all directions. 

Beautifully crafted details embellish the home, with hand-cut screens allowing reprise from the hot sun, reducing glare and ensuring privacy, while additionally creating visual interest in the interior spaces. Additionally, by splitting the stone using traditional techniques rather than cutting with more modern methods, each individual stone carries within its natural grain and a unique texture that truly informs the home’s beauty. 

© Jasper Architects

© Jasper Architects

© Jasper Architects

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Renders © Jasper Architects

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