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BONDI BEAUTY: The epitome of Aussie aesthetic

Set amongst a row of red-roofed houses in the bustling heart of Bondi, Fox Johnston’s three storey home uses clever solutions and incorporates outdoor space to create a residential project that feels larger than life. 

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Cleverly creative 

On a narrow plot with a relatively steep incline, the owners of this Bondi abode were looking to create a flexible space in which to spend their lives. Not only was the size of the plot a creative challenge for architecture firm Fox Johnston, but a sloping topography and public walkway alongside the length of the home meant clever solutions were needed in order to create a space that felt secluded and private while making the most of this plot of land. 

The living space was thus designed to be the main of three floors, carved into the inclining land. In order to make the most of this level, the architects had this floor run the length of the building, with a central courtyard between kitchen and living room creating additional living space and adding interest to the small home. 

© Jasper Architects

© Jasper Architects

© Jasper Architects 

Maintaining privacy 

Alongside the small plot size, the biggest challenge in this project was maintaining privacy. Not only does the public walkway follow the same incline as the home, but originally a semi, its neighbouring home is directly adjacent along the other length of the plot. 

Clever solutions such as angled fencing and integrating the public-facing ground floor as a plinth for the upper floors, with view out reserved for these spaces, allows for a home that not only feel comfortable and cosy, but has succeeded in bringing together local materials, lofty living and a flexible home for its owners. 

© Jasper Architects

© Jasper Architects

Source: archdaily

Renders © Jasper Architects

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