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WRITER’S BLOCK: The Madrid cabin fit for an artist

Flexible and stunningly simple, the Spanish studio MuDD architects have designed and built a cabin in the north of Madrid for their children’s book writer client, bang in the centre of a lush green landscape.


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Contemporary calm

As the writer owner was looking for a flexible space that could meet all of her needs, MuDD decided upon a simple, cabin-like structure with a contemporary twist. Rather a large room with open glazing, the feeling of the home differs between the interior and exterior, with the outer cladding made of harsher oxidized iron and the inner space wrapped within warm local maple wood.

Laminated glass acts as a visual break in the barrier of the solid cladding and the interior, showing off the warmth of the home even in the approach. Standing upon a small podium, the interior flooring also connects seamlessly with that outside, creating a sense of unity between the two. With widespread views from the inside out into the greenery, the calm space allows for the owner to work in peace and promotes mindful imagination.


© nachovillafoto


© nachovillafoto

Feature bookshelf

The heart of this small cabin studio is an intricately designed bookshelf that climbs from the floor right up to the pitched ceiling. Creating a sense of movement, this bookshelf is the Spanish studio’s first foray into combining digital fabrication with master craftsmanship, while additionally acting as the centrepiece of the home, representing the writer’s level of passion and imagination.

100 different pieces of wood were cut with CNC and specifically adapted to follow the curvature of the pitched roof. This stunning pine bookshelf was purposely left without varnish to create a contrast to the warm maple of the interior cladding.


© nachovillafoto


Source: Designboom


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