Design talk


Design Talk means taking some time to meet the faces behind a brand. Today, we would like you to get to know the people and the mission of the Dutch design label, Robuust Amsterdam.

Founded in 2018 by industrial designers Job Althof and Niek Sanders of Studio Althof & Sanders, Robuust Amsterdam is a young brand with a concise mission: to bring a timeless, minimalist esthetic into the homes of people, while helping the environment. The Robuust Amsterdam brand has since evolved from a duo into a multi-disciplinary interior label with a vibrant and enthusiastic team, but the founding principle remains the same: less is more.


“The basis of Robuust Amsterdam is creativity — from that of the design to that of its daily user.”

Responsible design

Minimalist, conscious living has one essential requirement — longevity. Which is why Robuust Amsterdam uses solid, quality source materials, and why the brand is committed to creating simple and functional interior objects of an uncompromisingly high quality: all Robuust Amsterdam products are manufactured locally in the Netherlands and made exclusively of environmentally responsible, safe and planet-friendly materials.

Executing a mission to design quality products that will last for generations is an exact science: every aspect of production is carefully considered, from packaging, maintenance and replaceable parts to product recycling, all in the service of extending the life of each product. Robuust Amsterdam proudly collaborates with the leading producers of sustainable and eco-friendly materials in the Netherlands, who prioritise the reuse of resources such as heat and water during production.


Treasured objects

The Robuust Amsterdam philosophy is simple. They believe that being surrounded only by what is essential cultivates a sense of balance and calm, so that people can live happier, more carefree lives with less. This way, people have an opportunity to better the future of our society and planet while living among those comfortable, beautiful and useful objects they treasure.



The most beloved

We were curious what the founders’ favourite product from their own line was. So we asked :-). “The 01 and 02 bed frames give the bedroom a very luxurious and clean look, turning it into a stylish loft,” say Althof and Sanders, “and you can decorate the bed frames however you like. The basis of Robuust Amsterdam is creativity — from that of the design to that of its daily user.”


At DECOVRY, you can explore a wide range of Robuust products, from their stately, minimal steel bed frames, their geometric candelabras or graceful mirrors to simply genius shelving ideas. Discover here!

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