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Design Talk means taking some time to meet the faces behind a brand. Today, we would like you to get to know Nathalie Butterfield and Terra Kushner of Fluf, a textile-based design and manufacturing company headquartered in Toronto. What started with the idea to found their very own pillow company evolved to a brand creating feel good bags, made out of sustainable materials.

Fluf was born out of a desire to revolutionise and improve the textile industry: the brand does away with toxic chemicals and unsustainable manufacturing, and instead, champions organic materials for their products that are sourced and manufactured ethically.

The first Fluf pillows were created in 2006 and came with a biodegradable corn fill — still rather unusual for the time — in a move away from the more classical down fillings to a vegan, planet-friendly alternative.


The perfect, conscious lunch bag

In 2007, Fluf was at a turning point. The leftover fabric of the pillows was used to branch out into making handbags, reusable shopping bags, which eventually lead to the design of the perfect, conscious lunch bag, made of washable, non-toxic, organic cotton. Later, a smaller, dedicated snack bag was added, as well. With four kids between the two of them, Terra and Nathalie know the desire mothers have for products that are not only natural but also durable, practical and beautiful.

Since then, Fluf has left the pillow business behind — making the last one sometime around 2014 — and shifted their focus on the manufacture of reusable bags, always made with sustainable materials and manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible supply chain.



Playful @ lunch

While their product line has evolved over the years, the Fluf mission has remained the same, as has their commitment to organic, natural and sustainable materials. Plus, their bags look great and feel good to use — inside and out.


At DECOVRY, we carry their classic “lunch” zippered totes, as well as playful, printed versions of it not just for kids, and a selection of their smaller velcro or zippered snack bags. Check out the sale here


Source: Fluf

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