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A BALANCED BUNGALOW: Modern twist on an Australian classic

The recent renovation of a bungalow in the heart of Sydney by Vanessa Wegner Architects breathes new life into a classic Australian home, turning what looks from the outside like a dark and closed-off property into an open, airy space that embraces all that the outdoors has to offer.


© Katherine Lu


Blurring the lines

The extension of this family home was brought about in the view of designing and creating a larger space for the residents while drawing inspiration on, and honouring, the style and quality of the original structure. One of the main focuses of the architects was to introduce additional light into the Longueville, Sydney home, so creating a connection between interior and exterior.


© Katherine Lu


With a south-facing garden as well as far-reaching views over the neighbouring valley, the architects looked at ways in which to emphasise this view out to the West. A large, deep-set veranda allows for the family to spend time outdoors while staying out of the harsh Australian sun. The inclusion of tiles in the interior spaces further brings the visual style of the outside in, while maintaining the bright airy spaces as intended.


© Katherine Lu


An interior jigsaw

While the main floor’s interior spaces organically create an outward flow, guiding visitors and residents alike toward the rear garden, the architects cleverly retained the classic single-story form of the Californian-style bungalow from the street side, while creating additional living space.

Below the prominent ground floor living space, Vanessa Wegner Architects tucked an additional level into a step in the plot to create a separate living and sleeping space for the family’s teenagers to enjoy. Quite a lesson in transformation, this extension is a clever reinterpretation of the classic Californian bungalow fit for any family.


© Katherine Lu


© Katherine Lu


Source: e-architect

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