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RUGGED RESPITE: Sunken holiday homes

Two private guest residences and a wellness centre sit within a small village on the Greek island of Kea. Referencing the local landscape, this minimal development by Bobotis+Bobotis lies half submerged within the landscape itself.



The natural environment

Nature plays a key role throughout this guest complex, primarily in the architects’ decision to sink the homes down into the ground and so making them almost part of the landscape, and secondly in the design choice of incorporating local stone within the main building structures. The Athens-based firm created this space to merge both traditional and modern, indoors and outdoors, for local guests and first-time visitors alike.



Drawing on its gorgeous natural surroundings, native plants such as olive trees and wildflowers have been introduced around the perimeter of the site, and an array of locally sourced plants were planted within the roof structure. The sloping nature of the site additionally allows for widespread views of the ocean from each of the residence’s bedrooms.


An enclosed escape

While each of the two buildings stands alone, the full complex is connected through semi-underground stone tunnels and a surface circular round. Featuring an amphitheatre for outdoor screenings in the warmer summer months, these homes nestle into the beautiful Greek landscape while providing the perfect escape for guests.



The sunken nature of the buildings was not only chosen for their low impact on the landscape, but they also create an enclosed space that provides privacy for guests. Situated in close proximity to the sea, these stone walls additionally provide protection from ocean winds. With the natural environment remaining the priority in the exterior architectural landscape, the interior benefits from calm, open white spaces and beautiful interior design also undertaken by the architecture firm, allowing for a modern, boho feeling within a more traditional setting.




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