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Design Talk means it’s time to meet the faces behind a brand. Today, we’d like you to get to know the founder of VLUV, a German line of ergonomic sitting balls and seats, all about reforming a sedentary lifestyle.

VLUV was founded by Kristof Hock, the head of his own eponymous label, Hock design. Before setting up his own brand, he worked as a product and concept developer at a number of international advertising agencies. But Hock felt he was destined to do more autonomous work and, in 2009, launched his own product design company with a line of custom-made fitness and exercise products which have won the ISPO BRANDNEW Award, and have been nominated for the German Design Council Award.

The VLUV line, in turn, began one day at his living room table just outside of Cologne, Germany, in 2015. An old motorbike shed was quickly refashioned into the first production facility and warehouse for the quirky designer sitting balls. The brand has since grown into a team of seven people, and its headquarters were moved to a centuries-old wool spinning mill. This is where, as they say, the magic happens: products are developed, designed and distributed from here.



VLUV is focused on making modern, sedentary lifestyles healthier and more livable by reforming the way we sit: ergonomic, active and comfortable seats contribute significantly to wellness and health, from circulation to correct posture and spinal function. But VLUV knows that healthy doesn’t have to mean unattractive, so these are not the ungainly plastic sitting balls of the past: their products look amazing in any home or office, sitting somewhere between life-changing utility and covetable minimalist design object.

VLUV cares about people’s health, and about that of the environment, as well: all of their manufacturers go through a strict selection process according to quality and environmental and social standards, such as ISO or BSCI certification.



DECOVRY stocks a selection of VLUV sitting balls in materials like felt, satin and leatherette, colours ranging from muted neutrals to captivating jewel tones and a retro-cool denim blue.


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