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POST-MODERNIST PARADISE: Jenck’s London home-turned-museum

The architectural historian and cultural theorist Charles Jencks’ name is known the world round. And now, after his passing in 2019, his former London home is set to open to the public as a museum in the autumn of 2021.


© Jason Oddy

Out of this world

The writer and critic Charles Jencks was key in the understanding of postmodernism, making these theories and ideas accessible to the public, and his home is full of this movement’s influence. After purchasing the Holland Park home back in the late 70s, he and his wife worked with architect Terry Farrell to create the incredible property that’s full of artwork and collaborative efforts of many well-known architects and designers.

Each and every room is touched by the graces of postmodernism. From the entrance room and beyond, the theme of the entrance’s ‘cosmic oval’ greets entrants and follows through the home. Four rooms each represent one of the seasons, filled to the brim with artists’ interventions. A sundial room looks out over the garden, Piers Gough’s ‘dome of water’ jacuzzi is a sight to behold and the couple’s bedroom playfully explores the concept of spaces.


© Jason Oddy – Entrance


© Jason Oddy – Jacuzzi

A celebration of knowledge

This home that once housed a slew of conversations and thinkers back in the 80s will soon allow visitors to come and see within, inviting guests to revisit history and be inspired by this postmodern wonder. A huge architectural library holds within it a wealth of information, and while incredible images of the home’s interior speak for themselves, the residence is truly a sight to behold that should be viewed by any visitor to London with an interest in architecture and culture.


© Jason Oddy – Library


The historian’s daughter is set to serve as the director of the newly started Jencks Foundation, archiving and displaying the legacy of her father’s work. Planned to promote experimental thinking through grants and residencies, the foundation will also put on a series of exhibitions, lectures and print publications for the public to enjoy.


© Jason Oddy – Sun room


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