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Design Talk means it’s time to meet the face behind a brand. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Anne Linde, the head of her own eponymous design label.

The Danish Anne Linde founded her own label in 2004. As a young designer with an earnest, no-nonsense demeanour, Linde set off on a path that ultimately proved once and for all that she is not just one of many. She chose to focus on developing ideas according to her own vision. Her first solo design project was the now classic Ledge:able shelf.

Linde, a bookworm, decided that the standard bookshelves in people’s homes were too bulky and sombre for her taste when she and her husband moved to their current home, where one of those classic shelves was prominently featured. “It was way too heavy for me,’ Linde says, “I wanted something with a light and airy expression that could contain the same number of books.”

“The first design, Ledge:able, sort of dumped into my head and honestly it only took a couple of minutes to draw – the lines felt natural to me. The best designs I have made have always been the most intuitive.”

In her work, Linde strives to create a new Danish design tradition — one that incorporates creative solutions for everyday problems while pushing the boundaries of convention.




Anne Linde remains stoic about her success. “The ultimate shelf has to me now been designed, so now I am free to explore,” she says, “Desk is for instance an exploration of the empty space between two shelves. How do you make a functional desk that is also beautiful? And this is where the metal gives me the freedom to actualize those lines. Many of the pieces fit into even the smallest of spaces but can equally be expanded and unfolded in bigger spaces as well.”

At DECOVRY, we feature a wide selection of Anne Linde products, from the iconic Ledge:able units, Showcase shelves to smaller, ingenious details like sublimely practical magnetic mirrors.




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