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BRUTAL BUILDING BLOCKS: A Viennese spa pavilion

Austrian architecture firm Smartvoll decided to go outside of the box for a new private spa in the countryside town of Hinterbrühl near the country’s capital. And what they came up with happened to be a deconstructed monolithic box housing a true wellness temple.

©Dimitar Gamizov

Vertical and horizontal

Situated at the rear of a residential property, the private spa designed and developed by Viennese firm Smartvoll brings design back to the basics of modernism, focusing on form and function above ornamental additions such as those often seen around Vienna and beyond. Vertical and horizontal stone blocks were chosen to create distinct volumes in which to house the multiple spa areas.

The slabs are entirely made of Raris quartzite, a grey stone that is strong and stable enough not only to act as the building blocks of the space, but also to withstand the steam, chlorine, sauna heat and cold frosty winter weather. With walls projecting over horizontal slabs, it seems from the outside as if the roof is often floating on its own, lending an effortless aesthetic to the solid elements.


©Dimitar Gamizov

©Dimitar Gamizov

True privacy

The structure’s design allows for views out while maintaining privacy from outside onlookers in the more private areas. With open access to the outdoors on all four sides, fresh air and daylight penetrate the space, while concealed glass panels in the walls and ceiling can be implemented in the winter months.

©Dimitar Gamizov

A jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna, shower and bar are nestled in amongst the stone volumes, surrounded by a sun deck complete with pool and outdoor hot tub. The boxy building is elevated slightly above the home, creating a distinct separation between the new and existing entities. But while the spa seems from outside to stand alone, an ingenious underground passage connects the villa with the spa to maintain privacy and warmth in the cold winter months.

©Dimitar Gamizov

Source: Smartvoll

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