Design talk


Design Talk means it’s time to get to know the faces behind the brand. Today, we’re introducing you to the people at the helm of HOUE, a Danish design house founded in 2007.

Combining a decidedly Scandinavian appreciation for usability and comfort with a redefining approach to furniture, the three founding designers behind HOUE each bring something unique to the brand, making it into a multifaceted design label to pay attention to.


Dream team

Henrik Pedersen puts his passion for design into everything he touches, with the aim of transforming people’s lives through his work. “Does design really matter? Perhaps not – but for me it’s essential,” says Pedersen, “passion for design is in my mind, soul and heart, wherever I go.” With a focus on neo-Scandinavian design informed by the flair of cities like London and Amsterdam, he strives to reference these things in their most essential, minimalist form.

Roee Magdassi is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and his work is centred on the premise of simplicity, with a wink. Design should be relatable, interesting, and of course fun, he thinks: “In my designs I try to use as an inspiration a recognized shape, feature or a small gesture which most people are familiar with, simplify it to its core, process it and implement it in a new context.”

Thomas Pedersen, a graduate of the acclaimed Aarhus School of Architecture, came to HOUE from his own venture, a design studio named SPARK. Pedersen’s work epitomizes Danish modernity, with a focus on utilitarian simplicity and painstaking attention to detail.

Together, these three designers form HOUE into an affordable luxury brand that stands out for its uniqueness and exceedingly high quality. DECOVRY carries several HOUE pieces designed by each of them for both indoors and outdoors: recognize the unifying qualities or discern the subtle personal touches that go into each piece of furniture, whether an outdoor seating set or a dignified dining chair, on DECOVRY.



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