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ROUGH AND READY: A true display of mastery

There’s something to be said for a house that displays its bones proudly, showing off natural materials and a variety of textures. And Missionsstrasse House by Buchner Bründler Architekten is a true display of mastery of this art.


Swiss heritage

Located in close proximity to Basel’s famous historical centre of Spalentor, which dates all the way back to the 1400s, Missionsstrasse House is a representation of a bygone era of Basel’s history. Built in 1880, this structure – once an outhouse – is the only remaining part of the original home. This building that formerly contained stables, storage for horse carriages and servant quarters, and later became a workshop, was bought by a family looking to create a modern home.



Buchner Bründler Architekten redesigned the interior, truly transforming the small dark spaces into a bright, comfortable space. By creating a two-story circular opening into a dividing stone wall, additional larger windows and skylights throughout the space, the home was elegantly transformed into a modern home that still acknowledges its past.



Mad about materials

The existing structural system was overlaid with a concrete cast straight on site, so creating two distinct atria and allowing light to grace the ground floor. As well as using concrete in different shades, the architecture studio used smooth plaster and slurried natural stone walls to draw on the heritage of the building, while oak and fir provide a warmth and comfort to the family home.



While the glazing modernised the exterior of the home, and a new roof with light slate tiles adds insulation and an updated feel, the beauty in this home lies in the retention of the original façade, and the nod to the home’s history which runs through all the walls of this Missionsstrasse home.



Source: LEIBAL

Photography by Rory Gardiner + Maris Mezulis

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