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A VISUAL INTERLUDE: Luxury living in Bangkok

With a low-key but high-impact façade, architecture firm Ayutt and Associates Design created this couple’s home in Khet Sathon, Bangkok to be an escape from the busy city streets, a moment of privacy and togetherness and a luxurious space in which to entertain.


Positioned within a rather densely populated area, the entrance to this property is through a busy, narrow road, filled with tall, modern apartment buildings. The owners were looking for a space that could ebb and flow with their needs, transforming between an oasis to retreat into and a lively, fun, sociable hub.



A hidden oasis

Three sides of the building are positioned along the edges of the site and open onto a lush garden complete with pool. The double-height living space opens into this courtyard, acting as the main hub of the home, allowing for plenty of space for family and friends and leading to cantilevered stairs that sit above patterned marble to create a seamless transition between downstairs and up.


Functional facades

The lower level of the home looks from the outside to be a large, black block, with the upper floor finished in contrasting white. The choice of an angular aluminium façade on the garage gives an appearance of the above white upper level hovering in the air at night, while also reflecting the luscious garden and pool to passers-by.

While greenery surrounds the home and has a strong influence on the relaxed feeling one gets when entering the space, the rest of the home features warm wood tones, neutral colours and vibrant marble finishes. The cantilevered upper floor provides privacy and sun shelter to garden dwellers, while additional fenestration on the plot edge allows for an influx of light into the space while providing privacy from the built-up area in which it lies.

Source: designboom & AAd

Images: chalermwat wongchompoo (sofography)

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