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EXCEPTIONAL ERAS: Blended interiors in the heart of Paris

Alongside Patrizio Miceli, the head of Parisian-Roman creative agency Al Dente, interior architect Hadrien Breitenbach has designed a blended interior in the heart of Paris for the agency.


The downtown interior is nothing but ordinary, moving confidently away from the standard office typology. Designed to feel like a living space, the agency’s new home additionally includes a hidden indoor swimming pool, a patio complete with lounge and dining space, two photo studios and a bright and airy conservatory.


© Roberta Valerio


The enticing garden brings with it a feel of the Mediterranean with fruit trees and herbs, while the first level’s fully glazed doors and high ceiling space create a welcoming entry space. The daylight shooting studio, creative workspaces and underfloor saltwater pool are so designed to allow for visual communication between different areas and allow for collaborative work. Conversely, the secondary studio space is designed as a black box to allow for photography done in-house.


© Roberta Valerio


Mixed styles

One of the most prominent takeaways when gazing around the space is the eclectic mix of references incorporated into the interior design. The living room features a rich green marble kitchen, which the dining room integrates elements from the 1960s and 70s. The furnishings include organic, classic design shapes in its low-backed sofas, terracotta-hued planters, touches of sleek metals, organic wood formed into boardroom-friendly seating and references of marble throughout the studio spaces.


© Roberta Valerio


The beautiful saltwater swimming pool hidden below the glazed garden floor sits alongside the office space, benefitting from daylight above while enhancing the feel of its open plan by way of mirrors, referencing one within Miceli’s office which creates an enchanting infinity effect. The use of clean lines, carefully incorporated glazing and touches of Mediterranean charm by way of the garden, archways and warm wood tones makes this a truly enviable space in which anyone would love to work.


© Roberta Valerio


Source: Al Dente & Yellowtrace

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