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Design Talk means it’s time to meet the face behind a brand. Today, we’re going to get to know Nina Thöming, who created a collection of monochrome black bathroom accessories for German design brand blomus.

Nina is part of another German design studio, FLÖZ, which has been a partner to blomus for more than a decade. She arrived there with a background in industrial design and, perhaps because of this, has a systematic and exhaustive approach to all things she creates, with a special focus on not just the looks but the usability of the product: “It’s important to have an idea about what the market needs and what is already out there, and that takes thorough research,” she says.

All-black sophicitacion

That’s why Nina begins each project with painstaking research into the needs and desires of the people she creates objects for, and only then sets out to design functional, beautiful products: “this is followed by rough sketches by hand, most often just a few simple lines on paper that give me an impression of the basic idea and general aesthetics of the product.”

She has designed previous collections for blomus, including furniture and kitchen tools, and now has come out with an all-black, sophisticated set of essentials for bathrooms, from accessories to places to store them. The sleek, function-forward set of things clad in monochrome black are ideal both as accent pieces, or when used together. Both the virtue of simplicity and the colour black are timeless, and this line of stainless steel products coated in black titanium elevates every bathroom. “The bathroom is a private space where a sense of wellbeing is imperative, and I wanted the Modo line to have the luxuriousness of spa, only in a home setting,” says the designer.


Nina Thöming’s Modo collection for blomus

Take your pick from DECOVRY’s range of Nina Thöming’s Modo collection for blomus, and choose between a sleek makeup mirror, elegant shelving units, soap dishes, toilet brushes and towel racks or just choose all of them.


Discover the entire bathroom range of blomus here

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