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All natural: A Finnish forest escape

Finnish firm Sanaksenaho Architects’ 2010 design of a lakeside family home focuses on all-natural materials, reducing energy consumption and the appreciation of the lush local landscape to create an escape that truly soaks in its natural surroundings.



A material world

Known as Villa Musu, this lakeside retreat was built entirely of wood, aside from the concrete foundations of the structure. Black painted timber cut to various lengths and widths clad the façade, chosen by architect Matti Sanaksenaho and his namesake firm to mirror the natural verticality of the surrounding forest trees. Following the line of the existing landscape, an organically formed roof, inspired by the veins of the leaves which surround the site, juts out from the home to form the home’s standout feature and dictate the interior spaces.


In order to reduce the home’s footprint, the energy consumption of the residence is reduced through enforced insulation in the roof as well as a careful consideration of the glazing orientation. South and east elevations allow for an abundance of natural light that warm the home in the summer, while the timber roof reduces overheating by its protruding soffit.



Contrasting interiors

While black-painted timber clads the façade and thus blend in with the surrounding landscape, the architects succeeded in creating open, light-filled spaces within the family home, focusing on the natural colour and texture of the structural timber beams and finishing the interior in white. Pops of colour in living spaces within reinforce the feel of a warm, playful escape that is created by the flowing floorplan.

As well as the two-story home, the plot additionally houses a Finnish sauna as well as an open working atelier/studio space, as well as a second building that acts as a garage.



Source: THISISPAPER & Dezeen

Images: Jussi Tiainen

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