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5 camping essentials selected by author and camper enthusiast Els Sirejacob

Els Sirejacob is a well-known Belgian food stylist, chef, and recipe writer by trade but a camper lover by heart. Her book ‘Camperfood and Stories’ is now available on DECOVRY. She took the time to write a piece on her new book and carefully selected some of her favourite DECOVRY products to take with her on one of her adventures.

Are you already tempted to travel the world in a camper by now? Els Sirejacob tells you why you should definitely give it a try:

“Travel, Eat & Laugh

I’m Els, a food stylist, chef, and recipe writer by trade but a camper lover by heart, My husband, children and I have been travelling by camper for over 15 years now. Being together in a small room without privacy, comfort or securities is not always easy, but you have all the freedom in the world, and adventure is waiting around every corner — an indescribable feeling that you just can’t buy. Bram, the photographer and I are so passionate about travelling by camper that we decided to write a book about it.

Our book is dedicated to that feeling. We want it to inspire you, to give you the urge to step into a camper and to cook in it with seasonal, local products, knowing you have all the time in the world: you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, while you experience the beauty of camper life and the camper kitchen.

My love for freedom and simple food is one of things I share with the photographer of this book, Bram. We met ‘on the job’ and immediately clicked. We’ve worked on a lot of food projects since then and have become really good friends in the process. No surprise there, since we both love travelling by camper so much. That’s why he was the perfect fit to shoot the images for this book. Just like me, Bram is attracted to raw, pristine places and knows how to capture them.

Camperfood and Stories became a book with personal anecdotes and useful tips and tricks, whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect camping spot, local markets, stores or even cultural programs.

Of course you’ll discover a lot of great recipes as well. Those are adjusted to the different places we’ve travelled to and always make use of local ingredients. The book is divided by different regions in Europe: Discover the Black Forest in Germany, Cornwall, the Belgian Ardennes or Albania…and choose between short weekend trips, vacations or go away for months. Step into your camper and enjoy your freedom and a simpler way of life.”

Your camper trip will get a whole lot better with these DECOVRY camper essentials carefully selected and approved by Els and Bram:

Camper essentials selected by Els:

Bee’s wrap: “Perfect to wrap some leftovers and store them in the camper without having to use a lot of plastic boxes.”

Travel Hammock: “This travel hammock is definitely a must, because you can instantly create a relaxing lounge spot without taking up too much space when you’re on the road.”

Led Lamp Bernadette: “This pretty lamp with a handle is so easy to carry around the campground at night”

Bottlelight: “We always have a bottle of wine in our camper, once it’s empty, we could actually use it to create a cosy lamp, like this one. So original and compact!”

Shower Towel Nano Dry: “Quick-absorbing towels are a lifesaver in a camper, since there’s not always time to let them dry out in the open. So these quick drying Nano towels help a lot!”


Camper essentials selected by Bram:

Fire Basket: “A cosy camping night is nothing without a little fire. This Fire Basket is perfect to sit around and make some food, which I’d love to then hand out on this beautiful Serving Tray. You can use it to plate some tapas, or as a cutting board — space saving items are always great while camping.”

Garden Lights Bella Vista: “I would upgrade the area around the camper with some cosy garden lights. This string of lights is, without a doubt, the perfect fit.”

Plaid Garonne: “If it’s get colder we can wrap ourselves in this fleece plaid, the next day we can use it as a picnic blanket. Win-win! Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”


In need of some more camper inspo? Check out the whole selection here or take a look on DECOVRY.


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