Design talk


Design talk means taking some time to meet the face behind a brand. Today, we want to introduce you to Jan Van Look, the founder of the Belgian design brand KABINET VAN LOOK.



A passion for creative functionality

A self-taught designer based in Antwerp, Van Look founded his own design studio in 2010. A skilled and passionate artist with a passion for creative functionality, he uses inspirations of the moment to create innovative, artful objects that showcase his trademark high-quality minimalism. He draws inspiration from the schools of design of the 20th century, from Russian suprematism to Mondrian-era abstraction. His works have been shown at a number of European exhibitions and design fairs, lauded for their simplicity and the innovative spirit of transforming common perceptions of space and depth.


TRAKTOR Magnetic cube

All Kabinet Van Look furniture and decor products are manufactured at a production unit in Antwerp, with locally sourced materials, from the wood to the coating. One such line of Kabinet Van Look products featured on DECOVRY are the magnetic cubes, or magnetised blocks made of select woods and fine marble. They can be fixed to any wall or flat surface and hold objects from your house keys to your phone.

Discover all magnetic cubes here


Source: Kabinet Van Look

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