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DESIGN TALK: Lorena Canals

Design Talk means it’s time to get to know the face behind the brand. Today, we want to introduce you to Lorena Canals, the creator and founder of her eponymous brand of rugs, textiles and home accessories, (not just) for kid’s rooms. The Lorena Canals brand mission is centred on practicality — their rugs and textiles are machine washable — quality, and heart: kids and parents alike love their eco-friendly, durable and quirky designs.


Moms know best

Lorena Canals was established in 1990 when the founder, mother to two girls, asked herself why her kids’ rugs couldn’t be washed at home. She discovered that there was nothing really suitable on the market — that’s when she decided to change things. And everyone knows that moms know best: with her trademark pragmatism, creativity and acumen, Canals has since made her brand into a household name, with offices in Barcelona and New York.



Environmentally friendly creations

Apart from filling a niche for much-needed washable kid’s homeware, the Lorena Canals brand puts an emphasis on championing environmentally friendly creations: their 100% consciously-sourced cotton rugs are handcrafted by over 170 artisans in India. These sustainable, high-quality rugs and home objects are the unfussy solution that meet the needs of busy moms and vivacious children alike.

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