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GOING FOR BOLD: The style clash in India

Feast India stands out from the crowd, both on the inside and out. Designed by architecture and interior design firm RENESA, a studio known for taking risks with colour and pattern, this restaurant brings together a ‘concoction of design theories’ to respond to its environment.


(c) Saurabh Suryan – Lokesh Dang


(c) Saurabh Suryan – Lokesh Dang

A true hybrid

Located within one of the oldest structures of the industrial city of Kanpur in Northern India, the scheme set out to play with the varied, and often contradictory, architecture found in the area. Kanpur was once formerly highly important to the British Corporation of India (then known as Cawnpore), relics of which can found throughout the city and have now been expertly captured within Feast India, merging European extravagance with quirky elements of Art Nouveau.

Using colour, texture, pattern and a big dose of inspiration from the films of Wes Anderson, the interior is – somewhat – reined in by its use of symmetry and cleverly chosen limited palette of pastel pinks, succeeding in creating an impact without the space feeling overly disorientating or mismatched.

(c) Saurabh Suryan – Lokesh Dang

How to clash

Aptly dubbed locally as the ‘pink zebra,’ the design for the restaurant is meant to draw people in, creating an experience that not only stands out for its bright, bold choices but simultaneously uses form to frame the spaces within.


(c) Saurabh Suryan – Lokesh Dang


The concept for this project was to not only experiment with contradictions, but also to create a space which very much feels like a piece of art in itself. The pink hues associated with the British Raj are accompanied by black and white zebra stripes to create a space which not only plays with light and darkness, colour and monotones, but also creates a comfortable and welcoming – as well as stimulating – space for its guests throughout its ground floor hall, first-floor bar and lounge and unbeatable covered terrace.


(c) Saurabh Suryan – Lokesh Dang


(c) Saurabh Suryan – Lokesh Dang

Source: ArchDaily & Studio Renesa

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