Design talk


Design Talk means it’s time to get to know the face behind the brand. Today, we’re introducing you to the designer of NORDIC D’LUXX. This Danish label with a passion for Nordic design is behind the unique NORDIC D’LUXX Flowerpot and Lantern, made by the acclaimed Danish designer Henrik Pederson of 365° North.



Who’s Henrik Pedersen?

Born in 1967, Henrik Pedersen is a trained fashion who has angled those skills towards designing objects for interiors. His keen interest in mathematics and extensive practical experience give him an edge when it comes to intuitively knowing whether a new design is going to work or not.

“Experience and knowledge help, but the difference lies in how you use it. You come a long way with common sense and a passion for craftsmanship.”

The product we at DECOVRY would like to emphasize today is NORDIC D’LUXX’s Flowerpot — which is much more than just any flowerpot. This set of portable planters are a source of battery-run light, and the all-weather resistance allows you to enjoy their soft glow anywhere outside, from your table to the grass, rain or shine. Some of the flowerpot models have a built in Bluetooth speaker which means the pots can play music, and a timer to give you the choice to control when and how it operates.


Great companion for outdoors

The NORDIC D’LUXX Flowerpot comes in four sizes — small, medium, large, and XL — is made of a non fracturing, frost-proof plastic, and features stainless steel rivets and a chic leather handle.


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