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Design Talk means taking some time to meet the faces behind a brand. Today, we would like you to get to know the founders of The Fillup Club, Lode Ivens and Kenny Packo. These two talents from Belgium put their heads together to create luxury inflatable furniture — just the thing to bring up memories of a perfect summer’s day and cocktails by the poolside.


The Fillup Club is a story about two friends with a common passion for design and product development. The founders Lode and Kenny have known each other for over twenty years. Whenever they had some time off, they would get together and brainstorm designs and shapes as a hobby.



“One afternoon, we were on the phone talking about new stuff when we discovered the Vietnamese engineer, inventor and designer living Quasar Khanh online. When Khanh was fifteen he moved to Paris and was able to establish himself as the most significant Vietnamese furniture designer of the 20th century. For his inflatable furniture line Aerospace, he received rave reviews.”


We wanted to be the first in the world to produce luxury inflatable furniture.


Something bigger

“Discovering Khanh’s work gave us the idea to launch inflatable furniture for the luxury market”, the founders continue. “We immediately knew that we could turn this hobby into something bigger. We wanted to be the first in the world to produce luxury inflatable furniture. It took us two years to make prototypes, find the right producers, to select the right materials and to test everything until it was 100% ready for the market. Now, we are extremely pride on our high-quality product. That’s how ‘The Fillup Club’ was born.”


A new way of lounging

Lounging will never be the same again: you can now do it pretty much anywhere you can find air. Take it out, fill it up, grab a cocktail and kick back! The Fillup Club furniture is made of high quality Sunbrella textile, to give you the comfort of the finest, regular lounge furniture.


High quality material

Sunbrella has been the gold-standard in outdoor fabrics for over 30 years: it’s found on boats, in umbrellas and also outdoor furniture. There are a few of key elements which make this fabric the best choice for outdoors: it keeps its bright colour under all circumstances and conditions, is 100% UV-proof, as well as water- and stain-resistant. The fabric is breathable and stays mould-free. And there’s more: Sunbrella fabrics are very low maintenance and extremely comfortable.



Source: The Fillup Club

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