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MODERN FORMS: An organic lifestyle in Mexico

Situated on a peninsula north of the iconic surf area of Troncones, Punta Majahua is a flowing, modern and striking residential complex designed by Zozoya Arquitectos in the state of Guerrero, Mexico.


The original concept for this eye-catching project was to create a large complex composed of luxury beachfront residences, focusing on an organic architectural style that would both integrate seamlessly to the site, while simultaneously allowing for a magnificent, striking aesthetic.


A link to nature

Punta Majahua is designed to exist symbiotically with its natural surroundings, mirroring the greater feeling of the area, which is focused on a more organic and harmonious lifestyle. The materials used are that of the traditional Zihuantanejo coastal style, featuring masonry walls, dried palm branches, bamboo, bush-hammered marble floors, wood and river stones, again emphasising the importance of the stunning natural environment.

The landscaping also takes this into consideration, along with the scarcity of water in the region, and succeeded in creating a regenerative landscape using regional planting with low water consumption, as well as local fruit trees. The project even has its own residual water treatment plant to reuse water from homes to nurture the local vegetation.


The ideal location

The location takes full advantage of the geography of the land in which it’s situated, positioning the residences as close as possible to the ocean, in turn providing spectacular views of the water to the residences. The design of the buildings provides privacy between the different units for its owners, which a northerly orientation has natural cooling properties, thus reducing energy consumption within the space.

Not only do owners benefit from fantastic ocean views – and the upper floors also of the Sierra Madre, but they also have semiprivate gardens and private exits straight onto the beach. The curved walls on the ground walls and facades allow for uniquely designed homes, making this symbiotic development a true success story in beachside tourism.


Source: ArchDaily

Images: Cesar Belio

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