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Design Talk: Maze


Cutting-edge furniture made with an earth-friendly mindset


Design Talk means time to meet the face behind a brand. Today we make time to get to Maze. This Swedish brand wants to bring new global Scandinavian design to the world. It represents the very best of today’s design talent and culture. Sounds interesting? Swipe up for more.


The Maze story began in 2003 with the photographer Kent Johansson. He was looking for a bedside table for his shoebox sized apartment in Stockholm. When the market turned its back to Kent he decided to solve the bedside problem himself. Armed with planks and nails Kent hammered out Maze’s first product: the F-Shelf. Unknowingly he also forged the foundations of Maze’s DNA: smart, locally produced & good material choice.



Slow production, their reason why

A lot has changed since Kent Johansson met Maze. Today, their team of designers only uses earth-friendly materials and methods to develop solutions for modern, liberated and creative spaces around the globe. Maze strive to make all stages of production and transport as eco-friendly as possible. By making sustainable choices, a new, cleaner and braver world can come into existence. Maze products are cutting-edge, good looking and of high quality. Slow production is their raison d’être, their reason why they will choose for sustainable or recycled materials above other options for instance. Are they there yet? Nope, they are just getting started when we are talking about this important topic.





The bestseller? The Pythagoras bracket system!

The Pythagoras bracket system is a complete extension from the Pythagorean equation, which states if two sides of a right triangle are known, the length of the third side can be revealed. When you mount the brackets, you will have created two points and a blank space in between. This is a metaphor for your life: one day you begin and one day you end, creating an opportunity to fill the gap.



The Pythagoras bracket system is like a metaphor for your life.

One day you begin and one day you end, creating an opportunity to fill the gap.



There is no right or wrong, just two points and a world in between! Arrange them in stylish symmetry or mix and match with different colours and materials. Mount Pythagoras as a subtle detail or let the bracket be the wild centrepiece of your home. Totally in the mood to discover more design talk designers? This link will guide you.


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