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THE NEW SOCIAL: future-proof dining

A recent project by Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio combines the company’s warm aesthetic with new design ideologies regarding social distancing, resulting in a public space able to thrive in an era in which restaurants and the wider hospitality industry have been threatened.

This beautiful new project devised by Renesa conceptualises India’s first Covid-aware restaurant. While this project responds seamlessly to the new demands of life, the engaging design was actually devised before the pandemic.

(c) Niveditaa Gupta


The best of both worlds

This Vietnamese restaurant set in New Delhi redefines the architectural response to hospitality, while simultaneously embracing an air of the hustle and bustle of the streets and alleyway shops found across Vietnam.

The new space draws on Vietnamese culture, while experimenting with materials close to the heart of Indian brand, Social, for whom this restaurant was created. Creating a homely experience, the space unfolds, forming private spaces that mimic Vietnamese alleyway shops, while inviting materials, abundant sunlight and greenery inform the overall design aesthetic.

(c) Niveditaa Gupta

(c) Niveditaa Gupta

Creating harmony

Floating steel frames with wooden finishing create a visual lattice that runs throughout the space, with sliding, folding elements that promote interactivity. Reinforced by locally sourced bamboo mesh blinds, Renesa created a space which is both effortlessly informal, and able to cater to the needs of its diners.

(c) Niveditaa Gupta


Natural cane is used throughout the furniture and lighting, not only creating comfortable seating spaces, but adding in warmth and harmony throughout the space, while tonal shades and soft wood allow for a rural yet vibrant atmosphere. Designed to bring people together, the restaurant and bar also features a DJ booth sat above the seating area, allowing for a fun, lively experience for all involved.


(c) Niveditaa Gupta


(c) Niveditaa Gupta


Source: ArchDaily

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