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Design Talk: höfats

Functional design encounters love for detail


Design Talk means time to meet the face behind a brand. Today we make time to get to know höfats. An inspiring German brand created by Christian Wasserman and Thomas Kaiser. hofäts a young design company which develops and markets products all around the issue of outdoor fire – so to say, höfats brings fire into your life. Curious to know more? Scroll down please!


höfats’ product range comprises fire baskets, fire bowls, grills, lanterns and many other products which turn time near a fire outdoors into the most beautiful time of your life. Apart from designing, developing and realizing their own product ideas, they also work as service providers. höfats masters the field of tension between design and engineering and demonstrates therefore integrated product development.



The world’s safest fire basket

höfats’ Cube fire basket is more than just a fire basket. A lot more. It’s probably the world’s safest fire basket, since you simply have to turn the cube upside down to extinguish the fire. The fuel for your fire sits in a bowl that’s suspended by two points within the pit. When the night comes to an end, you put on some heat-resistant glove and slowly turn the cube on its side and then all the way over. The cube will deprive the flame of oxygen, making the process absolutely safe, and just like that, your fire is out. As long as there is no fire blazing in the cube, you can use it as a stool, bench or side table.



Designing + engineering = the perfect duo

There is significant potential in directly relating design and engineering. Working as designers and engineers at the same time, they can combine these disciplines as bivalent developers. And sure this way of working is appreciated by their fans. höfats won several awards , including some of the most renowned in the industry: 2x Red Dot Design Award, 2x Design Plus, 3x iF Design Award, 2x German Design Award, 3x Focus Open – this treats themselves about as much as a cold brewsky while enjoying a juicy flank steak. Cheers! Totally in the mood to discover more design talk designers? This link will guide you.


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