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Flexible living: officially the coolest home studio

Mexican architect Manuel Cervantes’ Casa Estudio project perfectly houses both his family home and a lofty, spacious showroom.

Located on a hillside in the town of Amatepec, this five-story property is organically staggered to sit alongside the steep sloping hill. While from the outside it appears as one, the space has been cleverly divided in order to incorporate Cervantes’ family home, an additional rental home and his own design gallery and studio.


A room with a view

The lowest level of the property houses Manuel Cervantes’ in-home studio, a lofty 4.8 metre space of grand proportions and subtle shades. The glazed rear wall allows natural light to flood the space. The choice of board-formed concrete walls and ceilings, dark lava stone floors and rich walnut walls provide a fittingly neutral but impactful backdrop to his architectural models.

The use of full-height glazing continues through the floors, in both the living spaces and the bedrooms. Designed to pivot open, these large doors connect the indoor areas to sleek, cool exteriors, accentuating the link between interior and exterior.


Key materials

Continuing up through the floors of the building, the cool, industrial feel of the concrete and the warm walnut continue to inform the material palette of the living spaces, while the focus on glass allows for not only a view and outdoor access from each floor, but really embraces daylight and allows for natural ventilation.

Exposed wooden beams throughout the home, a large free-standing bookcase in the living space and an emphasis on wooden furniture and planting breathe life and warmth into all areas, while art, photography and sculpture created by various Mexican artists create a link to local culture and design.



Source: Dezeen

Photography: Rafael Gamo

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