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Design Talk: Filodesign


“Our concept is filling by emptying space, looking for lightness in every matter, with poetry and a touch of curiosity”


Design Talk means time to meet the face behind a brand. Today we make time to get to know Filodesign. Creativity, passion, research and development, searching for new materials, teamwork and inspiring synergies: this is their lifestyle. Interested to know how they integrate their lifestyle with an Italian approach to design? Well, scroll down in that case.


Pure storytelling

Filodesign comes from “love for design” as filo comes from the greek “φιλεῖν” (philein) meaning “love”. No wonder they put a lot of effort into their designs. Far away from the industrial stereotypes, Filodesign ‘s creed is to create ideas through the expert hands of Italian craftsmen. This Italian brand tells a story through its work. A story that starts from a white sheet and magically comes to life in an environment with all its character, its original strength and its desire to intrigue.


“Our concept is filling by emptying space, looking for lightness in every matter, with poetry and a touch of curiosity. Marble, steel, glass, but also water, light and colour become our material to be designed, moulded, illuminated.”


It has been this daily experience of synthesis between creative thoughts and pure craftmanship that has prompted them to found the Filodesign brand. It means a way of living, with simplicity and elegance and respect for the materials and elements that surround us such as water, light and air.





The perfect sweet dreams bed

One of their bestselling creations is the four-poster bed with essential, filiform lines. The concept is to sleep suspended inside a design object. The mattress is positioned on wood bedspring and a part remains below at the metal band positioned in the half of the volume of the bed. Two small slits near the headboard have LEDs that become lamps with a touch.

The elegance of this design in a room is unquestionable, the Bed Led is easy to combine with any other existing furniture, either within a classical or modern context. Curious to discover more designers? Go to this page.


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