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Design Talk: Bruunmunch

An uncompromising approach to design and quality

Design Talk means time to meet the face behind a brand. Today we make time to get to know Bruunmunch. This Danish brand is founded in 2008 by the two childhood friends Jacob Munch and Henrik Bruun. The two owners from the southern part of Denmark have known each other since the age of five. Their pursuit for perfection is their drive and the reason why they form a company with an uncompromising approach to design and quality.



Their vision at the time and today is creating new design in close cooperation with the best designers, suppliers and skilled cabinetmakers. Bruunmunch works exclusively with the finest Danish manufactures and takes great pride in delivering products in top quality that are ‘Made In Denmark’. All final touches on their products are done by hand before it leaves their own warehouse where they approve quality and insert the brand’s trademark logo and serial number.


The speciality of Bruunmunch? Solid wood and their manufactures. The choosen partners are really the best on the Danish market. Another part of their process is supporting the reforestation of trees and using FSC approved wood. they are in favour of products that are not only made of sustainable materials but also under responsible work conditions.




The PLAY series

The idea of the PLAY series was to create small and larger tables in solid wood with a stunning design, as well as an affordable price tag. The tables are, like all other Bruunmunch furniture, results of fine modern Danish craftsmanship. There has never been a more logical time to create a contemporary dining table from solid wood, than in this era when wood is once again modern.




Meet your Lobster

The Lobster lounge chair has been designed by LUND & PAARMANN and was first launched in 2008. Lobster is produced using quality materials: the shell is molded beech with walnut veneer on the outside with an easy to clean, mat lacquered surface.


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