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KEEPING IT SIMPLE: refined apartment living in Melbourne

A new apartment building in Fitzroy, Melbourne, stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Its simple off-white façade, large steel-clad glazing and natural materials both draw the eye and make this residential project by Freadman White the perfect form of city living.

Drawing inspiration from a local modernist icon Heide II, a Melbourne home designed in 1963 by David McGlashan and Neil Everist, this project carries on its legacy with a refined palette and raw materials.

(c) Gavin Green/Yellowtrace


c) Freadman White

Materials are key

The Napier Street project focuses on natural materials, adding warmth and a touch of industrialism to each of the 14 apartments. These feature oak flooring, with wood continuing on into the kitchen cabinetry, lending a warm hue to the otherwise neutral space. Concrete ceilings and kitchen countertops made with pale Elba stone add texture to the homes, while brass marries the two in the form of door handles, shelving and bathroom vanity units.

(c) Gavin Green/Yellowtrace


(c) Gavin Green/Yellowtrace

The warmth of the wood tones and the texture of the stone add a natural feel, while large glazing leads homeowners onto the balcony and full-height black doors close of the bedrooms from the rest of the space.

Truly modern

The application of modernist principles into this design truly continue on the evolution of urban residential style. Not only was this project inspired by the iconic Heide II home in its continuation of subtle warm tones and raw materials, but the design of the apartment block makes a point not to take away from other structures in the area, respecting instead the heritage that lies within the local area.

c) Freadman White

In taking these modernist elements and adapting them for 21st century living, the home stands proudly, neutral and paired-back but very much relevant, with its façade scattered with greenery and sustainable practices adopted throughout.


Source: Freadman White & Yellowtrace

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