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Design Talk: Maison Macolat


Macadamia nuts with premium Belgian chocolate

Design Talk means time to meet the face behind a brand. Today we make time to get to know Maison Macolat. In bringing the best of Africa to Europe, the Bunge family built a great legacy in the city of Antwerp. Sixth generation son, and farmer Julian Bunge has set out to pick up the mantle of quality, bringing the world’s most premium Macadamia Nut, from South Africa to Europe. Do you want to read the whole story? Discover more about Maison Macolat right here, right now.


It all begins in 1883, when the Bunge family set sail from Germany, on board the Samson, bound for the sub-tropical region of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Upon arrival that year, the family founded Friedewald Farm, meaning “peaceful forests” in their native German. Together with the local Zulu people, Friedewald was transformed into an agricultural gem.


Maison Macolat


From South-Africa to Antwerp

A portion of the Bunge family, remaining in Europe rose to prominent stature, forming the famous Bunge trading company in Antwerp. Trading on the famous Graanmarkt in the heart of Antwerp, the Bunge’s facilitated the important movement of agricultural goods. The family settled in the outskirts of Antwerp at the beautiful estate of Oude Gracht, originally constructed in 1881. In order to bring the Macadamia nut to the world in the most elegant way, Julian has partnered with one of Belgium’s well renowned confectionary Chefs, to create the beautiful Maison Macolat.




A unique experience

From dark chocolate, salted caramel to yes… yoghurt! Maison Macolat introduces 5 ways to discover the Macadamia Nut coated with the finest Belgian chocolate. It’s a luxurious experience on its own. Two beautiful, pure ingredients in perfect balance because balance is key, right?


DT Maison( Macolat

DT Maison( Macolat

Maison Macolat DT


The perfect pair : Belgian chocolate & drinks

The ideal way to try a Maison Macolat? Together with a drink! Maison Macolat made sure to curate this experience the best way possible working together with master chocolatiers. For example: Ruby is the happiest with buddy Vodka or a traditional dark Belgian beer. Milk combined with Dark Rum or a double Belgian Beer is a match made in foodie heaven. The combinations change every season, so make sure to be updated!


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