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A HOUSE OF DREAMS: Frank Gehry’s Santa Monica home

It was his own home in Santa Monica that made Frank Gehry into a household name, but even forty years later, his new dream house shows he hasn’t lost his touch.

One of the most influential architects of the 20th century, Frank Gehry gained recognition for his 1978 Santa Monica street-corner home, the cornerstone of his and his wife’s life since. Having renovated the former house again in the 1990s and raised two children at the site, Gehry’s new home was designed for the later stage of life.

(c) Jason Schmidt

One’s own client

(c) Jason Schmidt

After having run his namesake firm for decades, the iconic architect was able to return to the design of residential projects in coming full circle and once again creating his own dream home. Finding a residential lot overlooking Santa Monica Canyon and with ocean views, Gehry embarked on this project without yet knowing whether he and his wife were truly willing to leave their original Santa Monica home.

Working together with his son Sam, a designer at the namesake firm, Gehry decided to create this home, focusing primarily on the process of designing and building a space with his son, whether or not he ultimately would live within.


(c) Jason Schmidt

A personal touch

As time went on, the project became more and more personalised to the family’s needs and individual design ideals. A large wing wraps around a street-facing, providing a hub for entertainment and outdoor parties with clear ocean views, while a family room, vibrant kitchen and a study sit alongside and bedrooms and balconies upstairs.

(c) Jason Schmidt


The second part of the structure sits some way behind, separated by an immaculate garden and a pool. Following the theme of entertaining, a large music room additionally sits within, alongside a gym, guest rooms and a suite for long-term visitors or live-in care for the older couple.

Now at 91 years of age, the iconic architect has designed himself another iconic home.

(c) Jason Schmidt

(c) Jason Schmidt

(c) Jason Schmidt

Source: Architectural Digest

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