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Design talk: SNURK

Design Talk means time to meet the face behind a brand. Today we make time to get to know Peggy and Erik of the Dutch brand SNURK. Peggy always had one great, crazy idea. Erik lost his job. That moment in their life was the beginning of something completely different, something life-changing, something like their own brand called SNURK.


From a very crazy idea to fair business

It started with a crazy idea about a cardboard boxes duvet. That had been in Peggy’s head for years. One day Erik unexpectedly lost his job. But of course Erik had been aware of the idea for years and in turn had an idea. He really wanted to make and sell the duvet.

Together they worked out the plan to give a part of the proceeds to Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland. Because a homeless duvet cover only sleeps well if it also helps homeless people. When the Stichting Zwerfjongeren also responded enthusiastically, Erik and Peggy decided to take the plunge. Le-Clochard became a success. TV, magazines, newspapers, blogs, a lot was written and talked about the initiative. And not only in the Netherlands. Foundations from England and Germany were added, who also shared in the proceeds and media attention.

Of the Dutch proceeds, a new shelter for teenage mothers in Enschede was fully furnished. The idea turned out not to be so crazy yet. New ideas kept coming up. Just like e-mails from people all over the world who would like more separate bedding. One and a half years later SNURK Bedding was a fact.









Sleep in style

Sleeping in style? If not then SNURK, a Dutch design label, known for cushions and bed linen with photographic prints with-a-twist can help you do exactly that. Finally a duvet cover that shows the world what you truly are… Their bedding ideas make that dream practically come true. Each SNURK duvet cover is made of organic percaline cotton that feels wonderfully soft and supple on your skin. The breathable and moisture regulating fabric offers great sleeping comfort and provides pleasant cooling.


Do you want to celebrate the art of doing absolutely nothing? Shop SNURK here!

PS: SNURK means “to snore” in Dutch


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